Manufacturing items for the Commercial Aircraft Industries, US Military, US Coast Guard, US Embassies State Airports, Offshore Oil Rigs, Nuclear Power Plants, Medical Heliports, and Government Bio Hazard Units.

We started our business, Scott's Sales Incorporated, 40 years ago and we are a minority women owned business. Our business was started when a friend that sold aircraft parts, asked my father to design a windsock frame for them to sell. My father welded for 30 years at Clark Equipment Company; they manufactured large road graders for building roads. After my father designed a frame for his friend, they asked me if I would design and make windsocks for them to sell with the frames which I did.

Our business is family orientated, my father started welding our frames, and I started sewing the windsocks. Everyone in our family has or has had a part in the business. My husband started welding frames, then my son and then my grandsons. My daughter followed in my footsteps with sewing the windsocks along with my daughter in law. My daughter also is involved in all of the office duties, from taking orders, processing and shipping them to billing and accounts payable and receivable.

We like to say everyone is involved right down to the smallest detail and member in our family, all the grandkids have been and still are in the shop at any point and time from the playpen up. My great granddaughter loves to help put instructions on the frames and sometime helps her great grandpa put set screws in the bearings in our frames. Naturally 'paw' checks to make sure they are tight enough.

-- Janet Scott, Owner

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